27 June 2012

Well now, it's been a LONG time since we've had anything to say.

We've not been gone we've just been "resting".
Anyhow, you'll be pleased to know Sarandon have been asked to play in Preston for INTERNATIONAL JOHN PEEL DAY.
The show is promoted by Tuff Life Boogie and also appearing are The Great Leap Forward, The Bent Moustache and The June Brides.
The date for this extravaganza is October 20th.
More details when we get them.

27 August 2011


7 August 2011


John Robb insisted we release Piglet as a single and so we 're going too.
The release will be download only and will come backed with the band's hard to get hold of cover of The McTells' Expecting Joe and the previously unreleased cover of The Nightingales' Crafty Fag.
The release will be a split between Slumberland and Oddbox.



Sarandon play the Guided Missile Club at the Buffalo Bar, London (AGAIN!) on Spetember 10.
Also on the bill are Shrag, The Wolfhounds (!!!) and Wake The President.

This could be the last you see of Sarandon for the forseeable future so be there or be somewhere less interesting.



22 March 2011


The wonderful Sarandon's Age Of Reason beer is now available to buy in bottles!
This is a very limited edition beer brewed by the very cool Revolutions Brewing Co. of Yorkshire.
More information and ordering details here.



12 February 2011

Revolutions Brewery have organised a BEER party to celebrate both the launch of the Age Of Reason album and the launch of their super beer!
The details are:

Venue: The Hop, Leeds
Date: 27th March 2011
Guests: MJ Hibbett, Alaska
Doors: 7.30pm


There will also be Sarandon's Age Of Reason beer on tap as well as Revolutions's other ales.


8 January 2011


Oddbox Records have organised a launch party for the new album. The details are:

Venue: The Windmill, Brixton Hill, London
Date: 26th March 2011
Guests: Phil Wilson, Dora Brilliant, Ralegh Long
Doors: 8pm

There will also be Sarandon's Age Of Reason beer on tap courtesy of Revolutions Brewing Co.

There is also a Leeds show planned for March 27th. Details are TBC.


2 January 2011



To celebrate the launch of Sarandon's Age Of Reason in March the very cool Revolutions Brewing Company will be making a Sarandon beer. It will be a 4.5% IPA and we are currently looking into how to make it available at Sarandon shows.

The first Sarandon show of 2011 will be a launch party for the album hosted by Oddbox Records.
It currently looks to be held at The Windmill, London on March 26. Supports, ticket prices etc TBC.
We are currently looking into doing some shows in other parts of the UK around this time - if you ca help with this please let us know.


04 December 2010

John Peel DayHooray!

We can finally announce that the new album will be released in March 2011.
It comes wrapped in three different sleeves depending on the format that you go for.
You'll be able to get the album as Coloured Vinyl, CD and Digital Download all thanks to the wonderful Slumberland Records and the majestic Oddbox Records.

To celebrate the release the band are planning a few shows in the spring. More news of these when we have them.


In other news, Sarandon recorded a cover of The McTells' "Expecting Joe" for an Oddbox compilation CD that was given away free with copies of the Scared To Dance fanzine. Also on the CD are The Humms, Blanche Hudson Weekend, Boundary Jim and The Medusa Snare.



30 July 2010

John Peel DayThanks to everyone who cramed into the church at Indietracks and made the show enormously enjoyable.
Especially our red-mohawked chair dancing friend at the front. NICE MOVES.

And an enormous thank you to everyone who came to the Cannanes/Sarandon shows in London and Nottingham.
Both nights were filled with wonderful friends old and new and we all had a super time.

Sarandon go into the studio to record their new album, "Sarandon's Age Of Reason" on August 9.
It will be a joint release on CD & Vinyl by Slumberland (USA) and Oddbox (UK).
More news when we have it.

The terrific Fog Of Ideas fanzies is out and available and has a huge profile of The McTells which includes a piece written by Crayola. Get it here.

02 April 2010

John Peel DaySarandon have a song on "All Those Times We Spent Together - A Tribute To The Television Personalities"
which will be out very soon on Canada's The Beautiful Music label.
Also on the album are Boyracer, Anorak Girl, A Smile And A Ribbon, Cineplexx, S/T, Bunnygrunt, and lots more.

17 April 2010

A Layer Of Chips 'zine has done a short interview with Crayola about the mini tour with The Cannanes.

Read it here.


02 April 2010

John Peel DayThe second night of the mini tour with The Cannanes has now been confirmed.
The date is Saturday July 3.
The venue is The Chameleon, Nottingham.
Support comes from The Red Shoe Diaries and the whole thing is promoted by A Layer Of Chips.



16 March 2010

John Peel DayOK, here are the details for the first Sarandon show with The Cannanes.
The date is Friday July 2.
The venue is The Betsey Trotwood, London.
Support comes from Humousexual and the whole thing is being promoted by our friends at Spiral Scratch.

Tickets from wegottickets.com



John Peel Dayindietracks: sarandon play sunday july 25.

the band have started work on the new album which will be released later this year by slumberland and oddbox records. nine songs in to the writing stage and it looks set to be a reallyinteresting project.



12 February 2010

The deal has finally been done and Sarandon will shortly start work on a brand new album for release later in 2010.
It will be a split release between Slumberland Records and Oddbox Records.

6 February 2010

Well, who'd have thought it.
have been invited to play 2010's Indietracks Festival in July.

The band have also almost confirmed the mini tour.
The dates should be:

July 2: London (venue TBC)
July 3: Nottingham (venue TBC)
July 4: Glasgow (venue TBC)

And we are immensely excited and ever so proud to say that our very special guests for the tour will be Australia's very own The Cannanes.


16 January 2010

Well this is a nice way to start a new year.

Firstly, we're busy arranging a mini tour of the UK for July - we'll have a very special guest on board too, but it's all secret for now.

Secondly, it was nice to bump into this bit of information - someone with taste has voted Kill Twee Pop! one of the 100 songs of the last decade:

Very few moments in the past few years have filled me with such schadenfreude towards my fellow critics than when I discovered this recording, which was not even covered by Pitchfork. All the talk about The Pains of Being Pure at Heart revitalizing Slumberland Records focused on how surprisingly advanced that band sounded for a twee label. Few recognized a band named after a respected but oft-forgotten actress that had a name less suitable than the Pains for typecasting. A year before someone picked up the Pains excellent debut, Sarandon had cleared the air of everything we thought we knew about urban indie pop. No more simplistic and sparse than Beat Happening, but a lot more of a punch to the gut than most anything Calvin Johnson's followers have ever produced, this song murdered the escapist element of a subculture within a subculture, and served as something of a reality check for a class of individuals lucky enough not to be getting blown up in another continent. Youth in London allows for more polemics than they are in Brooklyn, and while it can often produce the same kind of navel-gazing, but here we see where the courage in ones convictions only produces good things for the world.
- Tynan's Anger

24 December 2009

Happy Christmas to everyone.

We'll see you in 2010 with news of a brand new album and maybe some live dates.

Thanks, Sarandon

08 October 2009

John Peel DayJohn Robb's terrific account of the noisy & awkward side of the mid eighties indie scene, "Death To Trad Rock", is out now through Cherry Red Books.

sarandon get a whole chapter and sit alongside some of their favourite bands, including bIG fLAME, Membranes, A Witness, Bogshed, Wolfhounds, Wedding Present, Dog Faced Hermans and Stretchheads.

Crammed with photos and interviews, this is one book everyone should own.


22 September 2009

John Peel Daysarandon are proud to be playing the 2009 international john peel day at the buffalo bar, london, october 10
also on the bill are the wonderful priscillasglam chops and the inimitable keith top of the pops.


23 August 2009

Death to Trad Rocksarandon's song "Very Flexible" will appear on Cherry Red's forthcoming "Death To Trad Rock" compilation CD. The album comes out to coincide with John Robb's book of the same name.
Oh, and the band are also featured in the book.

Both the book and the accompanying CD have had their covers designed by Crayola.

24 July 2009

Spike Milligan's Tape RecorderSlumberland will be releasing a limited edition 7" featuring sarandon's version of the Membranes' classic Spike Milligan's Tape Recorder. The other side of the record will feature the Membranes' original to coincide with the release of John Robb's book on noisy mid-eighties indie. Expect the record (and the book) some time towards the end of September.


28 May 2009

23 July flyersarandon show confirmed: Hand And Heart Gallery, Nottingham, Thursday 23 July with The Specific Heats.

18 February 2009

Excerpt from Simon Reynolds' Guardian article, "Will The 'Bad Music Era' Ever Become Hip?":

So my ears perked right up when I got an email from a chap called Crayola who claimed his band sarandon was a heady brew of Ron Johnson and ZE Records. My mind reeled with visions of a grotesque chimera of Bogshed and Kid Creole. When I listened to sarandon's music, however, it became clear Crayola had meant No Wave-era ZE. That made much more sense, Ron Johnson's roster owing a lot to the Fire Engines, who in turn were indebted to the Contortions and DNA. All serrated spasms of guitar and rumbledy-thump drums, sarandon's sound is invigorating. But it turns out they're not youngsters but veterans of the shambling era: Crayola writes a blog about being an 80s indie kid, the group's bassist is Alan Brown (formerly of bIG fLAME and A Witness) while the drums are courtesy of someone who dates back even further, to the post-punk era itself, Tom Greenhalgh of the Mekons.

The title of sarandon's recent album KILL TWEE POP! did remind me that, hey, we actually do have a mid-80s revival going on already and not only that, but it emanates from those Logan's Run-like zones of Brooklyn where cool hair and vintage clothing are rife. I'm talking about C86 soundalikes the Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts, and the Pains of Being Pure At Heart. These groups are quite adamant they've never ever heard the Shop Assistants, the Pastels and Talulah Gosh. Ever. Which might even be true, but would be sadder somehow: the notion that they'd just been drawn to the exact same small (and by now stagnant) pool of 60s sources that spawned cutie pop in the first place.

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