Sarandon were formed in 2003 by Simon Williams (AKA Crayola), who had been around the indie underground for many years and made music under a number of different pseudonyms and with a bunch of different bands.
The group initially comprised of Crayola on guitar & vocals, Joe Morris (The Reverse) on bass, and James Higgott (HOST, Dora Brilliant) on drums. Rehearsing in James' front room they played their first show and recorded their first 7" EP after just one rehearsal - a theme that would develop over the coming years.
Between 2004 and 2007 the band's line-up was fluid with drummers, trumpet players and producers changing places - Crayola has always maintained that everyone who does anything musically with the group is a member of the group.
By 2008 the band had settled on a stable line-up of Crayola, Alan Brown (bIG fLAME, The Great Leap Forward) and Tom Greenhalgh (World Sanguine Report, Rude Mechanicals), and Anthony Chapman producing.
Sarandon started making records for the legendary Slumberland label although they have and will continue to release EPs and compilation tracks for other labels.

In 2009 both Crayola and Alan featured in John Robb's "Death To Trad Rock" book which documents the underground music scene through the 1980's.
You can read Sarandon's chapter here.

Sarandon - Your favourite group.

The line-up

Crayola: guitar / singing
Formerly of 80's nobodies The Colgates, Crayola formed sarandon from his record collection - a blend of Bogshed, bIG fLAME, Wolfhounds, June Brides, Wire and Status Quo.

Alan: bass / singing
Founder member of bIG fLAME, sometime drummer in A Witness, one man band with The Great Leap Forward.

Tom: drums
Can also be found making a racket as percussionist with the immaculate Andrew Plummer.

Anthony Chapman: production
Formerly of Pregnant Neck & Collapsed Lung. More about Anthony here.

Sarandon have also included

Joe: bass (2003 - 2007)
Founder member of sarandon and always part of the gang, Joe was also in The Reverse before chucking it all in to live in the USA after having a bit of a wander about.

James: drums (2003 - 2005)
Founder member of Sarandon, James was also in The Mighty (but sadly all too short lived) HOST.
He can now be found drumming in the mighty Dora Brilliant.

Simon: drums (2005 - 2006)
Simon is now a lecturer in cultural theory and beard grooming.

Stephen: drums (2006 - 2007)
Stephen can be found making a din as drummer with Graham Coxon, Charlotte Hatherley, and with his own band Stuffy and The Fus

The Shend: Narrator
Playing the voice of Big Trev on "Sarandon's Age Of Reason", The Shend is best known as a member of The Cravats and The Very Things, and as a TV actor.

Rhodri Marsden: Piano, Keyboards, Backing Vocals & Guitar
Master of all trades, Rhodri jumps into the Sarandon world when called on.
He can also be found writing for various newspapers and playing keyboards in Scritti Politti

Andrew Plummer: horns
Multi-instrumentalist extraordinaire. Blows the horns for sarandon when he's not doing his own frighteningly great thing.

Alex Bonney: horns
Everything you need to know about Alex is here.

Steve Morricone: Horns

One of the evil Morricone brothers famous for their Wrath record label and wonderful band The Scaramanga Six.

Paul Morricone: Horns
The other evil Morricone brother who, as well as being a leader of The Scaramnga Six is an amazing video & film-maker.

Emma Hall: Vocals
Emma sings and plays keyboards in the pop-tastic Pocketbooks.

Daniel Chapman: Backing Vocals
Usually found making a noise with One Fathom Down and Pocketbooks.

Jon Clayton: producer
He plays bass in The Fuses, he makes a row with Chris TT, he produces and mixes and continues to be a very nice man.